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HaitiServe is a non-profit organization contending for physical and spiritual transformation of the Haitian people. Our desire is to create a culture of spiritual responsibility and generosity through the practice of relational stewardship. Through this practice of relational stewardship, we believe that relief, restoration, and transformation are both achievable and sustainable. We are currently partnering with Haitian pastors, leaders, and ministries in various communities by providing resources for medical clinics, schools, orphanages, trade schools, and small businesses.

Latest News

8/23/2016 - Digital X-ray Machine Up and Running in Haiti
After two and half years in development, a project started by HaitiServe to bring diagnostic medical imaging to its partners in Haiti reached a major milestone when its first fully custom digital x-ray machine began operating at a clinic in Southeastern Port-au-Prince. As of July 2016, the clinic operated by Repheka Haiti can now provide affordable X-ray services to the nearly 9,000 patients a year it currently serves. standing_position_demonstration The goal of the project was develop an x-ray machine that could handle the unique challenges faced by clinics in Haiti and other developing nations. These challenges include limited access to sufficient power, high initial investment cost, maintenance and support requirements, and a lack of trained operators and radiology specialists. (click here to continue reading...)