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Please Check out the Friends of HaitiServe:

The Apparent Project

The Apparent Project Artisans’ Guild uses discarded materials such as cereal and cracker boxes, oil drums, and trash paper to create beautiful “upcycled” pieces of jewelry, journals, and home decor. While redeeming the Haitian landscape, these artisans are also bringing new hope to their families, employing themselves for a brighter future and earning the means to pay for their children’s food, shelter, and education. That means fewer orphans, less crime, less garbage, less stress, and a whole lot more beauty.  To learn more about this amazing ministry, visit  them at  www.apparentproject.org and on Facebook.

Children of Hope Orphanage and Hospice

Children of Hope Orphanage and Hospice is an organization established to accommodate abandoned and terminally ill children in Haiti.  Located in Thomazeau, Haiti, CHOH also offers programs which allow children in need, outside of the orphanage, to have proper clothing, food and medical attention. A new elementary school was built and classes began in 2010 for all 40 school age resident students and 200 children of the community as well.  CHOH can be found on Facebook as Children of Hope Orphanage and Hospice.

Children of the Promise

Children of the Promise is dedicated to caring for the physical, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs of sick and malnourished infants/toddlers in Northern Haiti. The primary mission is to ‘take in’ these babies for a period of approximately 3 months, nurse them back to full health, and allow their families time to get back on their feet. Once a child is healthy enough, they are reunited with their biological family.  If this is not possible, COTP then helps facilitate an adoption for the child.  Additional programs for the surrounding community include: formula, prenatal, school sponsorship, and Medika Mamba.  Children of the Promise can be found at www.childrenofthepromise.org.

Haiti Child Sponsorship

The Haiti Child Sponsorship Program serves over 1,200 children of Pele, one of the poorest areas in the hemisphere’s poorest country. The Good Shepherd School (or École Baptiste Bon Berger in Haitian Creole) provides a glimmer of hope to this utterly impoverished community. There is no other school in Pele and food is scarce.  Neighborhood children find nourishment of body and spirit here through the support of this wonderful ministry. Visit  www.haitichildsponsorship.org and their Facebook page for more information.

Harvest Field Ministries

Harvest Field Ministries is a non-profit, Christian organization committed to meeting the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of children and families in the impoverished country of Haiti. Harvest Field believes solid relationships are the key to help with the transformation of Haitian communities. It is through these meaningful relationships that change can occur. Investing in the lives of people, they work hard to build and nurture these ties.  More information is available at www.harvestfieldhaiti.org and on their Facebook page.

Heartline Ministries

Heartline is located in the heart of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They work to provide the women and children in the community with a safe place to learn about Jesus and to adopt life-skills. The women’s program currently houses sewing, beading, and cooking programs. The ultimate goal of the program is to empower women to take control of their lives emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  In 2010, Heartline’s Maternity Center was brought to reality with a very busy birthing room and classrooms where both pre-natal and post-birth child development classes are taught weekly. Currently there is  one midwife on staff and many others who have a heart for the program and are a great help!  Much more about Heartline can be found at www.heartlineministries.org and also on their Facebook page.

Ministere des Femmes de la Young Life Haiti – MIFYLH

MIFYLH, in affiliation with Young Life, works to develop Christian character of Haitian women.  Through Bible Studies and vocational training schools in different areas of Haiti, women are equipped to begin providing for themselves. Most importantly, women are introduced to the knowledge that they are precious in the eyes of God, and many have come to Christ.

Real Hope for Haiti

The Zachary family at Real Hope for Haiti has served as multi-generational missionaries in the country of Haiti since 1994, and in the village of Cazale since 1997. Their medical clinic and rescue center for nutritionally compromised children stand as pillars of the Cazale area.  A cholera treatment center was established during the outbreak of 2011 and served over 5000 patients.  They are also involved with evangelism, church building, aid for the poor, plus general community activities. Learn more about this ministry and their amazing work on their Facebook page and at www.realhopeforhaiti.org.

Repheka Haiti

The ministry of Repheka Haiti springs from God’s love and compassion for all people, particularly those living in dire situations and suffering from lack of access to proper health care.  Partnering with local churches in Haiti, Repheka aims to provide accessible, affordable, dignified, and Christian-inspired health care, regardless of the patient’s socio-economic status and ability to pay.  Repheka’s undergirding purpose is to advance the impact of the Gospel of Jesus-Christ and reflect God’s love for people living in distressed communities by improving their health outcomes. Please visit  Repheka’s website www.repheka.org and their page on Facebook for more information.

Respire Haiti

Respire Haiti was created to empower, educate, and encourage restaveks, orphans, and vulnerable children in Haiti.  Located in Gressier, about 20 miles west of Port au Prince, Respire Haiti has a Christian School of over 350 students, Kindergarten to 8th grade.  The first phase of a new school on Bellevue Mountain has just been completed.  Respire Haiti also operates feeding programs every Saturday, in a local tent camp and on Bellevue mountain, and feeds an estimated 700 children. Respire Haiti desires to create a self-sustained community by creating jobs through both its school and other opportunities.  The hope is that within the next 5 years, the school will be completely sustained by the community of Gressier.  Follow the excitement in Gressier by visiting www.respirehaiti.org and on Facebook.